FY2021 AKBCWA Membership Renewal

Dear Members,

Firstly, I want to thank you all for the support of our organisation over the past dynamic 12 months. Our council exists to serve its members and we believe in providing a service to our members to help them network, find opportunities and learn more about the Korean market.

As it is the new financial year, we once again ask for your generous support and commitment by renewing your AKBCWA membership.

We are currently living in extraordinary times. The COVID-19 has completely transformed our daily lives at both work and play. The impact on business has been and continues to be huge. It is unknown exactly how the community and economy will look at the end of the pandemic, however, it would be fair to assume that it will look different for some time. While there are many aspects of this crisis that are out of our control, we can all work together collaboratively and collectively to keep WA business and communities running.

AKBCWA has been working with its members on a range of issues, including the impacts of COVID-19 on the important international education sector, and the plight of many international students. AKBCWA connected with all of our university members, StudyPerth and Lotterywest and State Government, and sharing our views and advice in this sector and this situation.

AKBCWA also distributed 96 home essential packages to Korean International Students which included rice, noodles, assorted snacks, drinks and toilet paper. We want to send a special thanks to our board and members who allowed us to assist the students who required any means of support through these tough times.

In light of the subsequent economic pressure many businesses are facing, AKBCWA board members recently approved a new initiative that offer 25% discount for the membership fee as an optional to members who have been largely affected by COVID-19. As we face the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, the AKBCWA is trying to support the immediate impact to enable business continuity, while assisting our community as a whole.

Moving forward, as Australia is now emerging with gradually relaxing rules for business and social gathering, the council is excited to announce that we have a series of events for the coming year, including the continuation of our popular leader’s lunch series, AKBCWA seminar as well as our regular networking events, Christmas dinner and MORE.

I look forward to your organisations continued support and endeavour for you to reach out to the AKBCWA to help us improve and better our business council.

Should you have any questions related to your membership or any other comments please contact our Executive Director – Julie Lee at info@akbcwa.org

Warmest Regards,

Tommy Shin

Executive Chairman, Australia Korea Business Council of WA

PO Box 7390, Cloisters Square PO WA 6850


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